Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wall Street Journal reports Collectors suffering from "Art Fair Fatigue"

The WSJ reports that art collectors are beginning to experience, "Art Fair Fatigue." This may sound a bit precious, but when art fairs and pop-up galleries not only coordinate so that there are 4-20 taking place in one week in a specific city, and then expand the concept internationally... well, there are only so many art buyers who can  keep up this breakneck pace.

See review by Kelly Crow and Ramsay de Give:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pop-up House you can build in 4 Days

Refrigerator.com reports on a pop-up house you can build in four days with a screwdrivers. As wild as the claim may be, there has been a great deal of momentum in creating pre-fab homes, and pre-fab home modules. This trend has been covered and supported extensively by Dwell Magazine/

In this case, the home, called Passivhaus ("Passive House") was designed by MultiPod Studio. According to Refrigerator.com:

The Marseille-based design firm has come up with a prototype called the Pop-Up House—made out of wood, foam, and screws—that you can supposedly assemble with just a basic screw gun.

According to the designers, the whole shebang should cost about €200 per square meter, or roughly $26 per square foot. Right now, the MultiPod website showcases two different styles of the Pop-Up House: a single-room, 70-square-meter rectangular cube and a 150-square-meter prototype with two wings (think bedrooms) on either side of a larger connecting room.

Not only does this pop-up building have interesting potential as a home, or temporary shelter, but also as a pop-up restaurant, cafe, gallery or museum.